Please meet . . . Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, CNWI!
Sally has 20 years of dog training experience, 10 as a professional trainer. Sally specializes in reducing separation anxiety, generalized anxiety and aggression.
  • CPDT-KSA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge and Skills Assessed, certified since its inception in 2011, one of only 7 Skills Assessed certificants in Illinois.
  • CNWI, Certified Nose Work Instructor, certified since 2011.
  • Certificate of Veterinary Technology, 1977.
  • Uses science-based, positive dog training; Trained in all the latest science-based training techniques.
  • Sally understands separation anxiety and how to alleviate its fallout by customizing training techniques for you. This relieves stress both for you and your dog so that eventually, you can leave your dog home without worry or guilt.
  • Sally has authored The Separation Anxiety Tool Book http://justweimaraners.com/the-separation-anxiety-tool-book/
  • Sally knows that you can train a dog in obedience all day long, but if your dog is anxious, no amount of obedience training will help. First address the dog’s anxiety. When that has been reduced, the obedience will be a breeze.
    • Sally teaches dogs how to relax.
    • Sally helps decrease anxiety or aggression towards other dogs by teaching your dog how to read other dogs better and make voluntary, improved decisions about their interactions.
  • Sally helps your dog learn to become responsible for his/her own actions with positive reinforcement.
  • K9 Nose Work® is a valuable sport for dogs to learn and Sally now includes it as part of her anxiety reduction work. Its many benefits include:
    • Fostering creative problem solving skills.
    • Building confidence and helping dogs overcome fear of novel things.
    • Most dog-reactive dogs are allowed to participate in this sport, giving them an outlet for dogs to be near other dogs without having to see them. Frequently by the end of the session, many reactive dogs can look at the other dogs in class without barking.
    • Burning up mental, physical and olfactory energy.
    • It’s all about hunting for and finding scent in K9 Nose Work®, leaving obedience “at the door.”
    • Building a wonderful bond between client and dog and teaching you how to read their dog better.
    • Providing fun for the dog!